Our adaptation

Before there was Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Beautiful and Damned: a story that delves into the psychological tribulations of, at first, having everything you’ve ever wanted. What first presents itself as a beautiful love story quickly turns harrowing as the characters struggle to keep themselves afloat. As New York City tumbles into the Jazz Age, Fitzgerald’s characters tumble down a financial and psychological spiral they may never recover from. 

Our adaptation combines Fitzgerald’s meticulously detailed novel with the elements of a stage musical: a brand new script, score, and choreography. The show runs for about 2 and a half hours with one intermission, and includes a live orchestra. 

The Beautiful and Damned is a tale about status above happiness, obsession above love, and death above life. Prepare to be transported a hundred years in the past— a time far away, yet more strikingly similar to today than you could ever imagine.